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I need to run new electric service to my barn which is 80 feet away from the house. Originally, I was going to bury the lines but have decided to go overhead. The original service to the barn, which was taken down by a tree in a wind storm, was just 10 gauge wire which was not enough voltage.  

The house has 200 amp service and I would like to have at least a 125 amp service to the barn for general lighting and workshop use. I would also do some occasional welding.

What size and kind of wiring should I use from mast to mast, and what size/kind from mast to circuit breaker boxes.

Please see enclosed photos.

Thank you


If you have a back hoe which I figured if you have a barn you might have a back hoe. I don't have a barn but I do have a 3 car garage and a back hoe. Anyway my round about point is if you have a back hoe, by the time you put your conduit or cables on the house and the barn, string the cable from point to point, make your splices dangling from an extension ladder on both ends, you could have dug down 18 inches with the hoe, throw 2-1/2" PVC in there with 24" large radius elbows on both ends, your nice and clean no wires over head to see or worry about and your almost done. Then you can use the 2-1/2" PVC as a "sleeve" and run your "SER" cable from panel to sub panel with out splice. Easy and quick. The other nice thing about this is you can upgrade the line if you need to in the future. You could also throw in conduits for communication and water if needs be.

You may be limited to a 100 amp line to the barn if you want to keep this simple. You should still be able to weld with no issues. The problem being is they do not make a 150 amp "plug in" breaker to go directly into your house main panel. You would have to put in another "main breaker" off your Service which complicates things, especially if your doing this yourself.

If you still want to go the over head route let me know but I highly recomend doing it underground with PVC.


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