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Mr. Mossman

I have a small business and i am going to use a dehydrator on regular basis : 18hours to 21hours per day.
The machines that i have chosen are not specified to be for commercial purposes.
The one to be for commercial purposes have a Power:600 watt
-Commercial one:

-The one that i have chosen has also a Power: 600 watt

Besides other considerations Timer, number of trays, digital controler. I am choosing the second one because of the price is less expensive.

My main concern is the POWER, does an equipment can be used 18 to 22 hours per day with a 600 watts power system?
Does 600 watts determine the capacity of the machine? can i use it everyday?

Thank you


The wattage really has nothing to do with how often you will use it. The wattage of 600 in a sense determines capacity of what it has been designed to do. In other words if you had a similar machine that operated at 1000 watts you would probably expect that it had a greater capacity  than the 600 watt unit do what it was designed to do.

Even though this appliance  does not say specifically that its a commercial piece of equipment, I believe it must be given what it does. So you should be able to use it day in and day out.

Any doubts call the manufacturer


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