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QUESTION: I have this motor installed on a pond pump, pumping up a steep hill. The 30 amp fuse on one side of the safety switch is blowing without the motor even trying to spin. The shaft is free and I tested continuity through both leads and it shows continuity. I checked each lead to ground and there is no grounding happening. Hopefully you can tell me what to look for next.I also cleaned the relay contacts that control the on and off of the pump. All seems good.

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ANSWER: If you are using standard fuses, they cannot handle the in-rush current associated with start up. You will need a slow blow type. It is also possible you could have a turn to turn short in the windings, and this may not show up on a ground test. You should also check the capacitors.

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QUESTION: Sorry to bother you again, but can you tell me how to check the capacitor. I was thinking the same thing. Also can you tell me how old the motor is by the spec. number? Here it is just in case 36K077W925G1

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You will need a multi-meter that will display micro-farads. A general test can be done with a analog meter. SHORT THE CAP. ACROSS THE TERMINALS WITH A SCREWDRIVER! Set the meter to ohms, test between the two terminals. The needle should swing to the right, and slowly return to the left. This will only tell you it is not shorted, or open. It will not tell if it is weak. As for the spec. code, I no longer have access to that information.

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