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QUESTION: I purchased a motor for my table saw. It had no wiring dia. It's a D56HC- 1.5S2C  3470RPM 115/230v motor. I need to wire it to 110v and run it at 3470RPM . I opened the electrical cover on it to find all the wires marked. 3 wires from motor T2, T4, T8 are twisted together. 2 wires from motor T3, T5 twisted together. 1 wire from the motor soldered to #2 pin on the breaker switch . Again on the breaker switch is 2 more wires P1, P2 coming off it going no where?. There is a diagram I just for some reason can't grasp it.thank you.

ANSWER: The wire that is soldered, is it blue (T1)? I do not know what you refer to as the "breaker switch"? T2, T4, T8 is connected to one side of line 1(black). T1, T3, T5 is connected to P2. P1 is connected to line 2 (white). To reverse rotation, swap the locations of T5 and T8.

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wire dia
wire dia  

wire dia
wire dia  
QUESTION: the solder wire T1 is black,all wires are black. there is a exterior breaker box with a reset button, it is mounted on the motor with 4 screws, one of the screws is green (ground).

Ok, T1 is the soldered lead. Connect P2,T3.T8 and insulate. P1 is connected to Line 1. T2,T4,T5 is connected to Line 2. This is the connection without the breaker box. For the breaker, connect the black wire from power to one side of the breaker, and the other side to P1. This will put the breaker in line with the motor. Let me know if you have any problems.

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