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meisme wrote at 2013-01-17 22:41:26
I think this is a very interesting question and the answer given is , essentially correct , but while the answer given has , essentially, good data and provides an accurate assessment of the underlying issue. Namely - how to get continuous power when you need to rewind the weight.

The question is : is it possible and the answer is , yes.

Christiaan Huygens already solved this issue a long time ago. Almost 600 years ago.  He developed a method to provide continuous power to a running clock even while it was being rewound.

Applying this same principle to a heavy weight providing torque to a rotating shaft connected to a generator - You could easily provide sufficient power for an average house and you wouldn't have to rewind the weight very far - just  very often .

but you would easily be capable of developing continuous power with sufficient torque.

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