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Hi Cleggsan,

Thanks very much for your previous answer. I think it is the first time I have got something right!;-)

As always, one answer spawns many questions, and I am just wondering if you could tell me whether the following operation is feasible, or crazy.
I have a series of solenoids that will be pulsed with a current  for 0.32 seconds. I want to alter the level of current during this time. I actually want to decrease the current at a uniform rate bit by bit over the 0.32 second period. Is there some device or method that will let me do this? Is altering the level of current in a circuit, while the circuit is active something that is often done?

Thanks again and best regards,

Yes, it would be a simple matter and, quite honestly, you already have that phenomonen available by virtue of the inductance of the coil. The inductance can be used with resistance and capacitance to cause current discharge rate.

Not knowing exactly what the inductance of the solonoid is I cannot give you circuit details but something like a capacitor in parallel with a resistor which in series with the coil will cause a discarge current to reduce to the resistance level of current.

There are other ways this can be done.  Using digital control of the current can be done with any of many kinds of IC chips.

Domo.  Doitashimasuta.

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