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chinese made metal detector for industry,rated at 220vac 50hz with conveyor motor 0.52amps. my input 208vac 60hz. HELP!

Have you tried running it on your 208vac @ 60Hz?  It may run a little faster than it would at 50Hz but should operate alright, basically.

The problem is converting frequency is no small or trivial task.  The ac must be converted to dc and then back to the new ac.  I think you will find them quite expensive if you can find them at all.  There are a few small wattage units that convert 50Hz to 60Hz for travelers but from 60Hz to 50Hz are harder to find. But you can goodle around and see if you can find something that will work.

Your best choice is to check with the manufacturer and see if it will run on your 60Hz frequency.

Hope this helps.  

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