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Hello Cleggsan,

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I have been reading about RFID technology, and found out that -
"Passive RFID tags have no battery. Instead, they draw power from the RFID reader, which sends out electromagnetic waves that induce a current in the tag's antenna."
I am interested in how this could be applied. Could an RFID tag drawing power from the RFID reader be used to supply power to another component that is connected to the tag? Is this type of thing ever done in any other situations?

I have also read that "a modern passive tag is designed to operate (at maximum range) on only 1 microwatt of power—typically, at a power supply voltage of 1V with a current drain of about 1 microamp." Is this saying the reader helps the tag generate 1V???

Every day brings more questions!

Domo arigato,

RFID tags are used all over the place. They are little computer chips that run on very small amounts of power that are induced by a nearby magnetic field.  They are custom designed to work in proprietary situations and are not easily adapted to other uses without intense software and hardware engineering or applications testing. And, yes, they operate on very low levels of power input.  They are digital devices and are remote data storage devices generally speaking.

There are many web pages about RFID applications, theory and practice.  Please google around and you will be surprised at the amount of information and the broad range of potential uses for them.


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