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Dear Richard

Is it possible to install multiple Operating Systems in a single Smartphone, Tablet Device ?.

i.e. Dual Booting a Smartphone or Tablet device with multiple mobile operating systems.

For examples :

1. Windows mobile 7 Os and Android 4.4 Os.
2. Android 4.4 Os and iphone os 7.
3. iphone os 7 and Windows mobile 7 Os.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

THeoretically, yes.  If the smartphone has a strong enough CPU to support two systems running piggy-back it should be possible.  

I googled to see if there are any such solutions already being offered in the marketplace but did not find any.

However, if you google around a little you can find some discussions about others who have had the same question and offered some potential solutions. The obvious method may be the same idea as is now found for Apples PC where a Windows OS can be installed on top for almost compatible usage of Windows programming.

Another solution is a small non-access OS that has the capability of connecting to multiply OS; whether simultaneously or toggle switching I don't know.  Perhaps either depending on the software arrangement.

One company claims a multi-OS product will be coming to market in later 2013.  

How much software development is required and how much extra capabilities the Smartphone CPU is also required I do not know but it doesn't sound simple; rather I would think some software would need to be written to do the job.

Hope this helps.  

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