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Dear Prof Cleggsan


1. Can you give inputs regarding Goods Train Modeling as compared to Trains carrying Passengers for Shorter (Local Trains which run typically within a city) and Longer Distances (Mail Express Trains which run city to city and state to state within a country)?.

For example : Total number of coaches, Total Load carried by Goods Train, Engine Design etc

2. Do you feel Running more number of Goods Trains can actually reduce the Speeds running on the same track for Mail Express and Local Trains ?.

3. Can Goods Trains also be used for Business Medium transport i.e. Courier Service ?.


If not, Can it be useful ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Sorry, I am not an expert in this category.   

In the USA trains are mostly used for long-haul conveyance of commercial and industrial goods.  They often go from point to point and are touted and rerouted as need be done.  But, the last mile is often by truck or other conveyance.  Human passage is available but not a big business here in the USA.  Passenger trains whose soul purpose is to move people are along the eastern corridor of the USA and those cities which have subway and suburb train services.

I am not aware of any courier service by train in the USA but there may be some even though I would think it is a small portion of train shipments.

FedEx, UPS and USPS are parcel service providers and they do most of their long distance haulage by truck and airplane.  

However, the mileage of track per geopopulation is not very cost efficient in the USA like it is in heavily populated countries such as your India, China, Korea, Japan and western Europe.

Best wishes.

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