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For a project, I am making a badminton shuttlecock launching machine. Similar to other pitching machines like tennis, the shuttle in this case, travels through two spinning disk rotating in opposite direction, and gets launched. I am having trouble picking the type of motor that will be required to throw the shuttle at 54 m/s.
The two spinning disks are 0.080 meters in Diameter. According to my calculations to achieve 54 m/s linear velocity, It will need to rotate at 13000 RPM. but I cant seem to find the power or torque required for the motor. Please guide me to find them.
If needed, the mass of each disk is 0.1 kg
the mass of shuttle is 0.005 kg

Have you tried solving for the unknown quantities?  Here is a calculator to experiment with:

You may need to do some trial and error test calculations since you don't know the torque required yet.  But the power equations and torque/hp conversions may lead you to an acceptable solution.  The mass and velocity equations may help you with the third unknown.

Hope this helps you find a suitable solution.  

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