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QUESTION: Hello Cleggsan!

How are you? Hoping you are genki.
I have been busy on a new project and I was wondering if you might know anything about the shipping of coin cell batteries. I seem to be able to find plenty of general information on battery shipping regulations, but nothing specific to my particular situation. I want to send people packages of eight or ten CR1632 batteries. Do you know if this would require any special packaging and/or license?
Sorry, it is not so much an engineering question, but I thought you might know about this type of thing. I have yet to ask you a question you could not answer!

I hope you are doing well.
Best regards,

ANSWER: Doing just fine. Nice to hear from you.

In the USA there are no restrictions on shipping sealed coin batteries.  When you order them from Amazon - or other suppliers - for example, they are shipped like any other product.  Usually they come in prepackaged cardboard/plastic material. And, since the CR1632 is a lithium cell it has no leakage concerns.

For Japan I suggest you check with the POST who like other Asian countries have all kinds of restrictions and regulations.  

For international shipping I think the carrier would be able to tell you about any restrictions or requirements for packaging, etc.  There may be some custom duties, as well, which will be given by the POST officials - especially if the shipment is commercial in nature.

Here is a listing of duties for importation into various countries of the world:

Hope this helps.

PS:  What is status of your other projects?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Cleggsan,

Thanks for the information, I am glad to hear you are well.
Do you know what the status is for shipping batteries installed in their appliance, or batteries that are not sealed - ie eight batteries in a ziplock bag together? Would either of these situations be problematic?

Thanks again,

PS My other project is still moving along, using the technology to develop a device that helps blind people use computers. Too busy!

In the electronics world, especially in consumer electronics, the batteries are always packed in their own packet and included with the over-pack.  But, they are never shipped with the batteries installed in the unit.  The exception is electric razors and some cell phones and tablet computers where the batteries are sealed, rechargeable and never to customer serviced or replaced.

For example, a tv or dvd player always has the remote control shipped without the batteries but the batteries are in their separate little under-pack for the consumer to remove the wrappings and install in the remote.  But, a tablet computer has its battery permanently mounted inside the tablet and the consumer, after unwrapping, can immediately turn it on.

So, I think you will find it goes the way of most convenience and common sense for that product and customer interests.

Hope this helps.  

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