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My puzzler is as I was driving through county Kerry in the West coast of Ireland the radio station was selected to 95fm (Limerick fm)and the signal was beginning to break up (because as we know* FM signal doesn't travel very far). But the odd thing was RAI 2 the Italian channel was breaking in????. The radio is pretty basic in the car and it doesn't have satellite radio (to the best of my knowledge). I'm not quite sure how this might be possible? (anything to do with traffic alerts?)
Thanks for your time

Two thoughts come to mind:

ONE:  That a repeater (rogue or legal) exists somewhere near enough for your radio to tune into it.  I googled it and did not find any near your location but that doesn't mean there aren't any.

TWO:  A very strange ionosphere condition is causing signal skip to come in from Italy.  Strange, yes, but fm signals are know to bounce off the ionosphere layer under weird conditions.

I don't suppose that Limerick would be rebroadcasting an RAI program?  Doubtful for sure.

You suggested a traffic alert?  Could be if you have an RDS equipped radio. Perhaps.


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