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Mixer Grinder
Mixer Grinder  
QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Will it be feasible to design and manufacture a Mixer Grinder Electrical Appliance with rechargeable batteries as the source of power input and DC Motors part of the Appliance replacing the conventional 230 V Ac, 50 Hz primary input source ?.

If this is possible will this have a edge over the conventional Mixer Grinder electrical appliance in terms of price, safety, appliance operations, portability, Power consumption etc to the consumer ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: A battery operated unit would be possible.  The power required to operate a mixer would dictate a big battery.

You could learn from the battery operated tool industry who have been making rechargeable battery operated tools for some years.  

My inclination is that with so many battery operated tools and appliances already in the market for a very long time that if there were a market for a battery operated food processor that we would have seen it by now.

Also, the fact that what few battery operated mixers and food processors now on the market are from obscure, little known manufacturers verifies the market may be a small one.

In any event may you have positive results in your research.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Mixer Grinder
Mixer Grinder  
QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Thank you.

Attached image for the design changes.

We have to calculate the Input Batteries Voltage (Volts) and
Current (Amperes) required for driving the D.C Motor and
calculating the Output Power (Watts).


Portable Mixer Grinder can be carried in a Car for making fresh watermelon,
apple, orange juices etc.

Do you have any suggestions , inputs regarding the design ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

There are many such appliances from around the world that fall in the general class of cordless appliances.  Some are called blenders or mixers or food processors.  Mostly in the European countries because there are so many different power systems that operating by battery is more universal.   You can google for them and study the various products already on the markets.

The greatest use of cordless 'tools' is in the construction and manufacturing industries.  Makita, Black and Decker, Philips, etc. all supply cordless devices.

The typical battery unit is either 12v or 18v and a power capacity of 1000 mAH to 1500 mAH.

Here is a Philips hand blender, for example:

Here is a replacement battery pack for a Kawasaki tool:

For your idea you must decide how strong the motor must be (the electrical power loading), the length of operation it must maintain and the physical mounting of the battery pack.  Then, a charger must be included in the overall product package.  But, my advice is to obtain a few such portable tools and devices to study for ideas on how you can design the food processor system you have in mind.

Hope this helps you get started.  

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