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Dear Prof Cleggsan‎

Nobel Prizes are given in the field of "Physics", "Chemistry", "Physiology/Medicine", "Literature", "Peace" Categories.

Do you feel a New Category can be introduced in "Technology Innovation" ?.

For examples :

Tim Berners Lee - Founder of World Wide Web
Dr Eric Schmidt - Founder of Google


Do you feel the Inventor of the Cell Phone Device should also
get a Nobel Prize in "Technology Innovation" ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Well, sir, I think you could consider any category you wish but it would most likely be in vain.

When Alfred Nobel died his will stipulated that the bulk of his estate must be directed toward prizes for those making contributions in five specified fields:   These fields are chemistry, physics, medicine, literature and peace.


The Nobel foundation does coordinate and cooperate with other established agencies doing similar work.

There are many possible candidates that are worthy of recognition.  For example, the inventor of the remote control, the automatic transmission for vehicles and so on.......

However, their are many other awards and recognitions that make similar choices in broad areas.  The IEEE  (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) gives out many awards every year.

Other technical organizations do similar awards activities.  One that I have interest in is that of the Lemelson awards given for most significant inventions. It is administered by MIT  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Good Luck in pursuing this interest.  

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