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Could you please tell me the best way to handle this.
I have a brand new electric leaf blower for a project i am working on, 120v ac  60hz 12amps, now I need to run it off of DC
or convert it either way ac to dc or dc to ac BUT if none of this makes sence then WHAT WOULD BE THE SIZE OF A DC MOTOR I WOULD HAVE TO GET TO REPLACE THE AC ONE.. IN ORDER TO DRIVE THE BLOWER OFF THE CAR BATTERIES WITH THE SAME OUTPUT.Thanking you in advance Peace Robert

You can look around but an inverter to give you the kind of power you need is going to cost you around $100 plus or minus; further it won't last long with car batteries before needing charged up.  

I think your best solution is just purchase a dc blower.

Companies like Black and Decker, Makita and others make them.  You can research the listings at Amazon, etc.

Hope this helps.  

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