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Cell Phone Charger
Cell Phone Charger  
Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it possible to manufacture/build a Custom Mobile Phone charger which can charge more than 5 cell phones at the same time ?.

i.e. There will 5 or more output pin connectors instead of one which can connect 5 cell phones (Limitation could be Same Cell Phone Model for pin compatibility) and charge the cell phones
in parallel.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Yes.  Not complicated at all.  The charger current and power handling capacity must, of course, be increased to handle the new load requirements.

I think if you went to the factory where the phones are made you would find they have many such charger circuits that will accommodate various numbers of phones at one time.  They charge them up before shipping them out.  Or, they charge the batteries in bulk and have them ready to put in the phone packaging.

See above implementations that are currently being sold into the market.  

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