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Electrical Engineering/Encrypt with Password Feature in Ms Access Software.


Dear Prof Cleggsan‎‎‎‎

Is there any option of recovering the Access Database created using Encrypt with Password Feature within Database Tools menu in Ms Access Software if one forgets the password ?.

In case no, Can one build the mechanism feature within excel application for recovering the Access Database created ?.

For examples :

a. Providing security question to the user before the password is entered.
b. The password entered by the user to the Access Database created is emailed / notified to user's email address i.e. Notification feature within excel for Encrypt with Password Feature.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Doesn't look like a quarry based password.  Here is MS discussion on your question:

Once again, this question is not an electrical engineering topic; please keep your questions to engineering and technology.  Thank you.

Have a happy day.  

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