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Dear Prof Cleggsan‎

1. Are there Integrated Laser and Inkjet Printers available in
Market ?.

2. Technically, the system design and manufacturing of the integrated printing technology could be complex ?.

Printing Mode button choice of Laser and Inkjet would be available to the consumer before printing on the printer front panel. If user selects Laser, Printer will print on the paper using the toner media. If user selects Inkjet, Printer will print on the paper using the inkjet cartridge media.

4. There could be four categories with the integrated product.

a. Color Laser, Color Inkjet.
b. Color Laser, Black and White Inkjet.
c. Black and White Laser, Color Inkjet
d. Black and White Laser, Black and White Inkjet.

Each of the four printer choices will be offered with a different price. The Color Laser, Color Inkjet category could be the most expensive while the Black and White Laser, Black and White Inkjet category could be the least expensive.

3. Will the consumers would also like to buy these integrated printer product ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

What is the advantage of such a system?  I see no market potential for it.  The cost of including these features into one machine will become enormously expensive when compared with separate printers.

Now days, most printers are connected using wireless transmission.  Setting to send signal to either printer or both at the same time is easy to do and easy to implement.  Further, a machine that has color laser and color ink printing in one box looks very bulky, big, expensive and hard for servicing and maintenance.

I don't like the idea.  Further, if there were market opportunities there would probably already be such products on the market because no new technology is involved, is there?


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