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Analog Clock Design
Analog Clock Design  
Dear Prof Cleggsan‎

The 12 hour Analog Clock design attached in the figure will also
work ?. The seconds hand dial will move in anticlockwise direction.

The clock time displayed in the image can be interpreted as
2 hours : 50 minutes.

Similarly 24 hour clock will have 0-23 dials. the 0-23 dials will be in respectively as attached in the figure.

If such clocks are designed and manufactured by clock manufacturers will it be accepted by the consumers ?.

Do the above design has any flaws ?. Counterclockwise motion will be not accepted by the consumers because clockwise design looks more perfect design among the two regarding the comfort level for interpreting numbers displayed ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Many consumers and engineers have been fascinated with backward running clocks.  There are many makes, sizes and color in the market place.  Here are some examples:

You can google for others.  It is a novelty and many buyers enjoy using them to give rise to conversation or joking among friends and relatives.

It does not appear to be a large market.  The companies that manufacture them are small enterprises specializing in gadgetry and strange gifts.

Hope this helps.  

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