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Dear Prof Cleggsan‎

Is it possible to install Multiple (More than one) CNG Cylinders in Automobiles  viz Medium and Heavy Vehicles viz Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, Lorries etc?.

I Feel the advantages would be double the Fuel storage capacity
in a automobile where in case one CNG Cylinder gets exhausted then automatically switching to the other CNG Cylinder as input Fuel source for the automobile.

Limitations could be the space required to fix the other extra CNG cylinder in the automobile ?.

Can this Limitation could be overcome in making space available for installation of another CNG Cylinder in the vehicle ?.

In terms of safety purposes do you recommend to have multiple CNG Cylinders in a automobile ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

From an engineering point of view it is easily implemented.  But my question to you is: Why not just increase the capacity of a single storage tank?

Some safety issues are of concern, surely, due to switching transients that might make ignition of gas when leakage or accident take place.

However, I am no expert in this area your question being a far distance to normal electrical engineering field.  

Hope this opinion is useful to you.  

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