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Electrical Engineering/Electronic Panel Doors in Commercial Airplanes.


Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is there a single front door near cockpit in commercial planes for passengers and crew members for entry - boarding and exit out of the airplane ?.

If not do you feel there can be also a Rear door constructed near the tail wing in commercial planes ?. Is it feasible to construct a rear door ?.

The Rear door will be only for passengers who are boarding and exit out
of the airplanes while the Front door will be only for the airplane crew members including the pilot, copilot ?.

Do you feel a electronic panel can be constructed on the airplane Front door only for the aircraft crew members who are given identity electronic cards ?. The Front door will be opened only from inside and outside the plane when the electronic card is swapped by the aircraft crew member for entry and exit out of the airplane.

Do you feel this also be extended for the cockpit electronic panel door   where the pilot, copilot has to swap the electronic card to enter and exit the cockpit ?.

Do you feel this may enhance security on the commercial airplane ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

The cost of adding another door - not only to the structural integrity but added financial cost is a heavy burden.

Further, in most modern airports the plane is brought to a canopy which leads the walkway directly into the boarding doors of the plane.

Pilots and crew members are boarded way ahead of the passengers for security purposes, to check the planes readiness and go through all the check-points.

Therefore, in my opinion another door is out of the question from cost, security and inconvenience point of view.

A crew door just gives another point of entry for unauthorized entry; security is compromised.

I don't like this idea.

But, I am in electrical engineer; what do i know about the aviation industry?  Not much.  

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