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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Can we use Wireless Technology viz Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for connecting Smartphone Device to Fax machine ?.

Smartphone Device will detect the Fax machine via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Both devices will be Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled.

Smartphone Device application will allow importing of Contacts from Fax machine while Fax machine button function to import contacts from Smartphone Device.

Smartphone device can transfer data to Fax machine memory and Fax machine can transfer data to Smartphone device memory.

Smartphone device fax software application will allow to send fax from the Fax machine device directing the print output to Fax machine device from the fax software.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Not that I know of.  My thinking is a software project would be required to convert the facsimile protocol to a compatible android or ios system.

See tomshardware comment above.  


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