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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Are there Products available in the market which combines the functionality of Digital Oscilloscope and Digital Camera ?.

In case not available, is it feasible to construct/manufacture this dual functionality product ?

Do you feel there are advantages in combining both the features of Digital Oscilloscope and Digital Camera in a single product ?.
The digital camera hardware electronics is integrated in the digital oscilloscope product.

The Digital Camera Oscilloscope will capture the waveform signals from the camera lens in the Digital Camera Oscilloscope. The captured images will be saved in the Digital Camera Oscilloscope memory.

Is it possible to transfer the photo images captured from Digital Camera Oscilloscope to Smartphone device using WI-FI or Bluetooth Technology ?.

Both Smartphone and Digital Camera Oscilloscope are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled devices.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

There are many kinds of storage oscilloscopes:

They are used in scientific instruments for measurements, medical, chemical, energy and so forth.

Most of the oscilloscope makers such as Tecktronix, HP, R & S have apps of one kind of other to gather data and send to and from between devices.  You can find a few of them on Google play.

It is a burgeoning field for specialty users.

Best wishes today.  

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