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Dear Prof Cleggsan


Is it possible to insulate the High voltage-current lines for the electric locomotives ?. i.e. using glass, paper, teflon, rubber, plastic etc ?.

There are many train accidents where the people are electrocuted
as they climb the Train roof and accidentally touch the high voltage - current electric lines ?.

Which could be the Best insulator used for high voltage -current lines for electric trains ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Best insulator is a fence or obstacle to keep the people and/or animals from getting close enough to endanger themselves.  If you insulate the wiring to the train motors they will have no power to operate!

There are many dangers in life; some of them require prudence and safe practices.  We should not go near a cliff or an uncovered well or mine opening as well, but life must go on and certain precautions must prevail in society.

Stay away from the dangerous voltages is one of the facts of life.

Of course, the wires can be done away with when the train engines are converted to onboard fuels.  

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