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Dear Prof Cleggsan

It may or may not be useful but is it possible to design and develop a Smartphone Car Lock / UnLock Keys Software Application which will allow the car door lock as well as unlock car door lock ?.

The Smartphone Hardware will be modified to support RFID Technology.

The Smartphone will have Two Button keys for Locking and unlocking the Car Door.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar


The above explaination of the key fob will delight your understanding.

Nearly every new auto, truck in the industrialized countries of the world are coming equipped with a wireless remote locking and security for the vehicle.  They have been around for several years.

It allows the ignition key and fob to be carried in pocket or purse for functions of locking, unlocking, engine starting and such features.

Hope this will help you with your idea development.  

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