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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Do Smartphones have the features of a Speakerphone which allow video / audio conferencing ?.

As a example instead of using a Speakerphone, a Company wants to interview candidate/s using a Smartphone device and do video / audio conferencing call with the potential candidate.

Is this possible with a Smartphone Device ?.

Thanks & Regards.
Prashant S Akerkar

Please explain.  Are you asking IF video conferencing can be done?  Or, are you asking for which make and model of smartphone/tablet has this feature built in?

I think Skype has apps for all the smartphone and tablet formats.  Skype will do what you are asking I think with ease.  Unless you are asking for multi-point viewing of the conference; it may take some help from the Internet Service Provider.

Hope this helps answer your question.  

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