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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Will this be the best approach for tracing and Tracking Hackers who have attacked web sites ?.

The Consumer Who knows about that his/her web applications have been attacked by Hackers can approach the Web Hosting service company who have hosted the web applications (Website content and Database) in their data center ?.

The consumer will pay the necessary fees to the Web site Hosting company for these special service of tracing and tracking Hackers.

Will the Web Hosting co help in this regard for tracing and tracking Hackers ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Many webmasters already have software built in to detect hacker entries and block them either with the firewall approach or with removal and cleansing operations.

Most consumers are using virus software and firewalls to prevent hackers from getting in.

The real intent of hackers is to sneak in with new tricks or techniques or looking for vulnerabilities not yet discovered or known about. That is why MS and other OS developers and browser makers are constantly upgrading and updating their software.

If it were such an easy method to learn all the hacker approaches and methods we would be happy to knock them out of business.  Unfortunately, often the hackers are smarter than the developers and software code writers.

The bigger problem with your proposed solution is that the newest hacks are often not even known until after the damage has been done!  

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