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QUESTION: Dear Prof cleggsan

Can we use magnetron devices in series
i.e. More than one in a car driven by electricity?.

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

ANSWER: I don't think they are to be connected in series; probably parallel is best strategy.

I don't understand why you want to put even one, let alone two, into an electric car.  

The magnetron takes alot of battery power and would diminish the charge on the battery system.

Explain to me what you are trying to achieve and I will try again.

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QUESTION: Dear Prof cleggsan


I am Exploring Whether magnetrons connected in series or parallel can replace the Electric motors in a Electric car.

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

ANSWER: But a magnetron is not a motor.  It may be able to heat water to boiling and drive a steam engine but I know nothing about that type of development.  It may take more power input to the heating process than can get out of the steam engine.

If you hear more I'd like to know about the concept.

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QUESTION: Dear Prof cleggsan


I am Exploring Whether the output power  generated by magnetron (heat conversion to electricity) will drive the car motor Engine?.

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

I doubt it.

There are a few experimentors who have used the magnetron to boil water to produce steam and then drive a steam engine. The results that I have seen on various forums are not promising.

The amount of power input to produce steam is greater than the output from the steam engine so it has a negative efficiency as far as any system I have seen reported.

I would not encourage this investigation.  

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