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Dear Prof cleggsan

Is it possible to design and Construct a mini magnetron device which will be not be bulky in size but Performing the same function of a cavity magnetron?. This can fit even in a smartphone device?.

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Prashant s akerkar

I have never seen or heard of one small enough to fit into a smartphone; nor would there be sufficient power reserve available to activate it I think.

The embodiment of magnetron is such that miniaturizing it takes some special engineering and I think lots of development to achieve. Since the smaller the magnetron becomes the closer the sizing gets to the wavelength of the microwave and reduces the number of full wave reflections that are necessary. I think that means it will become less and less efficient.  But I am not an expert is this area so my comments are pure conjecture based on my limited knowledge of the principles of operations.

There is a report on the IofT or Internet of Things that would be good for your study:

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