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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Is it possible to design and construct a Portable Microwave oven product which may be useful to carry while travelling by vehicle viz car, jeep etc ?.

Since it is portable, it will be battery operated - secondary source of energy as well as the portable oven's weight has to be considered. Power - battery voltage, current required for the microwave oven has to be calculated.

Also considerations will be whether all the microwave  functions can be embedded in this mini portable microwave oven model.

The Portable Microwave oven can be placed in a briefcase while transit.

Is it feasible to construct this product ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: There are such animals available around the world.  Made for use in camping vehicles and surveillance or such matters.  African safari, ocean travel, etc.

But, they are not a popular item as you might expect. High in cost, heavy and bulky. If they are reduced in size then their cooking ability is rapidly diminished, etc.

And, of course there are commercial uses for such in passenger airplanes, boats/vessels for long term travel and large buses with travel accommodations and so forth.

One small enough to carry in a briefcase would not be very useful due to the very low level cooking power that would be available with such a small cavity.

And you can find more products of interest on your own.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Prof cleggsan


Is it also possible to design and develop a smartphone application Where the smartphone device will Detect the portable microwave oven Device and control the microwave function Using push Button.
The smartphone device and microwave oven device are both wifi or bluetooth enabled

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

Yes, it is possible. But, who wants it?  What is the application?

I don't believe it to be a useful product for a very large population of users, do you?

In the world of connectivity which is busting out all over this would be a trivial product to develop if there were markets for it.

We already have refrigerators in the marketplace with connectivity built in and smart TVs with connectivity.  We shall see more and more such products because the solution is all around us; the question is whether or not there is a market or application that makes life better or solves a known problem.  Marketing 101; the market must be differentiated and the product developed to meet a users demand.  I don't see a lot of development around the microwave oven as a target for advanced development - yet.  

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