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Dear Prof Cleggsan

1 Is it possible to record radio receiver programs - AM/FM Channels in a DVD Recorder device by interfacing a USB cable between Radio receiver and DVD Recorder ?. This can be done BY Having USB Connector on Radio receiver device ?.

2 Is it also possible to record radio receiver programs - AM/FM Channels in a DVD Recorder device by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi ?.  Both Devices are WI-Fi or Bluetooth Enabled.

Only Solution 1 will work ?.
Only Solution 2 will work ?.
Will both the Solutions work ?.
Will both the Solutions will not work ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Yes, it is possible for all the scenarios you outline.

That does not mean that it has been done.  There may be models in the market that will do one or two ways but not all of them.

It is really a marketing question: If the potential sales are big enough then it is safe to say a manufacturer would be willing to include these features in their product lineup.

Caution, however.  DVD recording it really growing old.  Packaged media is going the way of the plastic LP recordings because of the proliferation of downloading, digital recording and so on.

DVD recorders are becoming a forgotten product category.  

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