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Dear Prof Cleggsan

It may or may not be useful, but is it possible to design and develop a system "Storage Tank Electronic Monitoring Meter with a display unit" which will allow us to view the Level of Liquid viz water, oil, gas etc storage in the Storage Tank and also possibly able to control other Storage Tank operations viz Start, Stop, Pause etc liquid, gas etc flow in the Storage Tank. The Storage Tank Electronic Monitoring Meter will have Push buttons GUI Interface.

The Electronic Monitoring meter system will be wired or wireless.

Is it feasible to design the above Electronic Monitoring Meter for Storage Tanks ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Such methods are used liberally throughout the industry for flow rate, tank status, pipe feed, etc.  There are many transducer types used to monitor level, pressure, temperature, etc. These data are then recorded, transferred, forwarded or manipulated either on site or at remote sites where the management of the fluid system is located.  

Early years these operations were done by telemetry systems but now days they are done with wireless links, either private data lines or Internet or wireless transmissions of short or long distances.

The energy systems used by oil and petroleum have such monitoring systems in place all around the world.

The technology is readily available for what you are asking about.  The only issue is to have it fashioned into the kind of working system you wish to exploit.  

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