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What will be the setup for well water Extraction with a water purifier machine to get pure water from the water purifier Machine?.

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Prashant s akerkar

At what rate and in what country?  Their are likely governmental or municipal  codes and regulations that must be adhered to. And the rate or usage must be known in order to determine the scope of the apparatus needed.  A small city may need hundreds of gallons/day where as a single family might need only a few gallons/day.  Also, what level of reduction is necessary for the recovered water.  It is impossible to remove all impurities, 100%.  There are limits on the extent of the product cleansing actions and the allowable level of impurities that will remain in the water.

Primary Water Source Standard of Impurity:


Secondary water source of impurity:


The above also include testing procedures and frequency of reporting the results.  

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