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Traffic Signs
Traffic Signs  
Dear Prof Cleggsan‎

Is it possible to convert the existing Traffic signs into electronic traffic signs so that Automobiles viz cars, trucks, buses, jeeps can play the Traffic sign within their built in internal speaker at a distance ?.

For example :

The transmitter / sensor in Electronic Traffic sign boards will pass the Radio frequency signals and this will be detected by the automobile receiver electronics at a distance. The receiver sensor within the automobile will pay the respective sound files example  : "Zebra crossing ahead", "Go Slow, School Ahead", "Drive slow, Dangerous curve ahead" etc

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

It looks like a hardware intense solution would be required.  Already the automotive design engineers are inundated with requests for more electronic content and it's getting terrible cluttered in the dash area of the modern automobile.

Also, some GPS systems now have built into their navigation systems similar warnings which are annunciated as the driver approaches already mapped danger zones.

But, the technology to accomplish your idea is not difficult. I am pessimistic, however, on the installation of infrastructure along the roads and in the vehicles.  

And, there may be better solutions; such as wireless or IR systems to already installed receptors in the vehicle.

I am not enthusiastic about your idea.  Sorry.  

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