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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Can we have a Single Air conditioner unit - Heavy capacity Ton
in a Residential House located outside in a Balcony and the cooling air is distributed through ceiling carried in ducting  
or piping media method ?.

For example : 4 Room Residential House - 2 Bedroom, 1 Hall room and 1 Kitchen room.

Now cooling air will flow throughout the House from the ceiling ducts/pipes.

In this case we will have four remote controls for each unit in the ceiling duct where we can switch on/off individual unit
Can we have a single remote control which will control all the four rooms temperature i.e. 1 Hall room, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen room.

The Normal way which we do was purchasing 4 AC units and installing all the four units in all 4 rooms. There are four remote controls for each unit installed.

Is this possible to design this type of Central Air Conditioning System for Residential Houses ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

These kinds or central air systems are now in current use all over the world.  Mostly in the industrial worlds such as US, UK, Japan, Korea, etc.  There are many implementations. Some use vent controls either electronically or mechanically, some use different compressor engines located around the facility.

For example, here in the US where I live the common practice for a two story home is to have two air conditioning units side by side on the outside of the house.  One supplies cold air to the central system of the upper floor and the other to the bottom floor.  The individual rooms are regulated with thermostats or with mechanical adjustment of the air flow.

In multi level apartments or office spaces there is a central air/heating plant which supplies air to the various compartments, rooms or offices.  Each zone has a thermostat which controls that zone (which operates the central feeding system to the air ducts placed throughout the building sections and zones).

Hence, the answer to your question is "yes" and they are installed every day by the thousands of units all around the world.  I have not done a patent search but I think their are some clever implementations by such suppliers and Sanyo, Hitachi and Mitsubishi.  These companies are also targeting older buildings which do not have provisions for centrally controlled air conditioning and their systems are mounted near outside walls and supply air to adjacent rooms with specially designed units that run quiet and are low energy consumption.

hope this helps.  

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