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I would like to know what effects the delaminating of a current transformer core would have on the performance of the CT. We have some CTs where a couple of the core laminations have separated.
Is this likely to cause any safety issues or cause the CT to become noisy.

There are many types and classes of current transformers and you did not clarify your application.

Often CTs are used merely for isolation from high voltages whilst measurements or small user loads are employed.

You should try to determine the cause of the delamination.  If defective manufacture you should speak with the supplier.  If caused by over use or over heating then you should look to your overall application or system design.

But, generally speaking a loose lamination will cause a humming or rattling noise.  Oten, if the loose laminations are near the outside it will cause the insulating fiber board to rattle and make a horrible noise inside the transformer casing.  

Safety would be effected only if the vibration could cause the insulation of a winding element to come in touch with the housing parts or jump over between the primary and secondary windings.  

Depending on the number of laminations and the thickness of each laminate it could effect the inductance and coupling coefficients.  If you were taking measurements or using the CT in a circuit where the parameters are critical you should think about replacing or repairing the CT.

Hope this helps.


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