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Dear Prof Cleggsan

1. Is Emergency Brakes Feature available in all automobiles ?. viz a. two wheeler scooters, motorcycles, bikes etc b. three wheeler viz autorickshaw, tempo c.four wheelers viz Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, Buses, Lorries etc ?.

2. In a rare case technically, the Emergency Brakes can also fail or not work in a automobile for the driver ?.

3. What are the real life situations where emergency brakes can be applied by automobile driver ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

1. Yes, emergency brakes are included in all motor vehicles with 4 or more wheels. Two wheeled vehicle generally do not due to their nature making it impractable.

2. Well, anything mechanical or electrical, for that matter, can fail. The matter is dependent on design, manufacturing and use over time.  Brakes can always freeze up, cables or hydroulics can fail or perform substandard for many reasons of reliability and design flaws.

3.  Emergency brakes are applied to the automobile for parking and usually a matter of training in order to obtain a drivers license or permit to operate a vehicle.  They are not really good for panic stopping but are more intended for parking and stopping the vehicle under special circumstances; like on a hill or incline.

There are automobiles now entering the marketplace which have automatic breaking systems. A detection system automatically stops or slows down the vehicle when becoming too close to other vehicles or objects. It is a combination of mechanics, sensors and computer software built into the vehicle.  BMW is now introducing such technology but nearly all car makers have this technology.  Automatic braking will probably become standard equipment on card during the next few years.

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