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Hi cleggsan
Trying to find a power supply switch for my old but wonderful (usually) Pioneer receiver. I hate throwing out gear that has given great service and wish to keep it going.

Can you help me find one because I have surfed the internet (inexpertly I might add - I am an old fart) and have not found anything apart from old ones that are complete. Alternatively, are they repairable?

I live in Australia if that is relevant.



Some parts are still available at:

but not the power switch; however you might quarry them to see if it will become available.

Due to the age of the receiver it will likely become difficult to find a replacement part - and further, it is no easy task to replace it!

Here are a couple of suggestions to consider;

ONE:  Try finding a salvage receiver on eBay or auction site, remove the switch from the salvage unit.

TWO:  Go in and solder the switch wires ON and just unplug the mains power cord when you want it off.  Or, you can get one of these extension cords that have a foot switch inline on the cord.  Or something like that.....

Hope this helps.

PS: Here is one eBay for parts listing:  

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