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Dear Prof Cleggsan

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A temperature control dial allowing the user to select the operating temperatures (usually marked with types of cloth rather than temperatures: "silk", "wool", "cotton", "linen", etc.)

Is it possible to built a automatic temperature detection circuit  for different textiles i.e. replacing the manual adjustment control dial in a electric iron ?. i.e. The electric iron will detect different fabrics viz Cotton, Wool, Silk, nylon, polyester etc and automatically adjust the specific operating temperature for each fabric to be ironed.

Example :

Is this possible to automate these process ?.

Awaiting your reply,

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Prashant S Akerkar

Theoretically, yes, it could be done.

However, it would require a very sophisticated artificial intelligent detection system to determine the material being ironed and the setting of the proper temperature. Not all material of the same fabric needs the same temperature.  The denier rating, for example, could require a different temperature for the number of threads per inch.

It would require some serious engineering and research effort in accomplishing this level of sophistication to a satisfactory level sufficient to please the end user.  

That is my opinion.  

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