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Dear Prof Cleggsan

1. Is it possible to implement Windscreen Wiper for cleaning window panes in Offices and Residential places apart from its application in Automobiles ?.

Can A remote control with push buttons be designed for the Windscreen wiper for different operations viz Start, Stop, Increasing/Decreasing the speed of the Wiper for cleaning the window glass panes ?.

2. Do you feel this system can be useful (if feasible for manufacturing) for consumers to install  in Residences and
Offices for automatic cleaning of window panes ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Such a system is very possible, engineering wise.  The question is one of design, implementation and cost.  Since it is connected with a public or private building there are many codes, restrictions and environmental issues to consider and overcome.

These wiping devices need to be powered and maintained.  The rubber-type material used on the wiping blades must be replaced periodically, depending on weather, sun and wear.  They must have power to operate the motor which gives rise to fire and electric hazard in case of tornado and other perils of weather and mother nature.

My strong feeling s that implementation of such wiping systems is marginally difficult to execute within safety and cost/convenience considerations.  If not, surely they would have been considered and utilized already in the more progressive building designs.

A better solution, by the way, is that of superhydrophobic surfaces which stay clean on their own without further attention!

This surgace coating is already being used in a limited way on surfaces that need to be kept clean. Nissan the automobile maker is planning to offer this feature on some of their new car models for windows and painted surfaces.  No washing or cleaning is necessary as the surface is so smooth and clean that dirt and oils and any sticky material merely slides off.

You can research it on your own.


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