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I have a few questions please. I'm currently a freshman entering my sophomore year, and I have a question about the field in general. Although I have narrowed my choice down, EE has several different options, and I'm trying to figure out which road to take or if it matters. Within the BSEE, Signals and systems, electronics, optics, or software. I could also make a complete wholesale change to Optical, BSOE. I know this sounds crazy, but as far as jobs are concerned, I really have no idea what I would be doing in each one. Am I going to be sitting in a cube all day working differential equations? A lot of people say once I co-op, it will become more evident, but I'm trying to look ahead a little bit and have a plan. Are some more lucrative or a dead end road?

#2 Your opinion,In general, What is the most important thing an employer will expect me to do or know coming out of college?

#3 Looking back, what are a couple of things you wished you would have done differently while working on your degree?

Any and all advice is very much appreciated, and thank you for your time.

#2: You will likely not be doing quantitative analysis all day.  Their will be lots of administrative work; cost benefit, design criteria, meeting with other colleague on large projects, planning the work, attending conferences and seminars.  If research oriented maybe writing papers or applying for patents.

#3: Suggest you take some good business courses; learn about the enterprise and business ethics.

You could do well by joining the IEEE.  They have about 40 professional groups; sign up for those that interest you so you can get their newsletters and journals.  Student membership is very inexpensive.  You have lots of learning to do but now is the time to start.



Hope this helps you on your journey.  Good Luck.  

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