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Sir 300kg load capacity  Charging car require how many minimum volts and  ampere of  motor to run a car at the speed of 40km/h

Who knows! There are so many variables in looking at these kinds of hypothetical questions.

You could calculate the electrical power required to maintain that speed on a flat surface with no prevailing winds but it would not provide any extra power for going up hill or bucking the wind or for quick acceleration to get out of the way of other vehicles.

One way of looking at it is just to remember that 1HP (Horse Power) is equal to 746 watts.  Therefore, a 100 HP gasoline engine would require an electric engine capable of producing 75KW.

And, in order to calculate your hypothetical electric car you would want to know how much time is required to reach the 40km/h.  Acceleration period likely would take up more instantaneous power than that of just maintaining the speed once reached.

Good question; but keep dreaming!


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