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Sir I have 120v 100w wind turbine I want  12v 8amp output when I rotating them it gives proper vault but it stop on load because it can't give proper amp so to filter amp someone suggest me to put rectifier on turbine so please suggest me which type of rectifier I have to use

Here's the deal.  You must determine the output characteristics of your turbine; AC or DC.

If output is AC you are in luck; then, all you need is an inverter module which will convert the 120v  ac to 12v dc.  That's it.

If the output is dc you need a different type of inverter that will convert the 120v dc to 12v dc.

If the output of the turbine already has a transformer built into it and produces 12v out then you must determine if the output is 12v ac or 12v dc.  If the 12v out is ac and you want dc you must apply the dc rectifier/diode to produce the dc.  But, you probably want a full-wave bridge rectifier.  I have attached an example of a full-wave bridge rectifier.  You can purchase them from an electronics or electrical parts supply house.

Hope this helps.

PS:  You may want to discuss the proper conversions with the supplier or maker of your wind turbine as the power regulation can be very critical.  

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