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Dear Prof Cleggsan

What could be the Design considerations for a Towing service provider which provides Towing services for Disabled Heavy Vehicles viz Trucks, Buses, Lorries etc ?.

Which is relatively a correct method for towing heavy vehicles ?.
Will both the methods work efficiently ?.

1. The disabled heavy vehicle viz Bus, Truck, Lorry etc is pulled by another towing truck ?.

2. The disabled heavy vehicle viz Bus, Truck, Lorry etc is carried on another towing truck similar to a goods train ?. i.e The Disabled Heavy vehicle's weight is on the Towing truck.

What could be the design considerations in terms of engine design for the Towing Truck which provides services for disabled heavy vehicles ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

This is not an electrical engineering question but I will give you a couple of ideas.

There may not be a one universal towing vehicle suitable for all kinds of needs. Due to size of vehicle to be towed, conditions of its malfunction or damage, climate, road conditions, temperature, weather and hill/mountain environment the needs may be quite different.

Most towing services in the USA have a stable of several towing vehicles that are selected based on the needs and conditions mentioned above.  Below URL shows some of the various towing units.

The design criteria involves setting the objectives of the particular tower and determination of the engine power, transmission and drive train for best configuration of intended maximum effort required for large scale vehicles of objects to be towed.

Most towing vehicles, in my observation, are modifications of existing production truck chassis and drive trains retrofitted to towing purposes.

Good Luck.  

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