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Dear Prof Cleggsan

Ophthalmology Medical case :

Suppose a patient calls the clinic and asks the eye surgeon for performing the Cataract Laser Surgery at his/her Residence, Will you perform the Cataract Laser Surgery at their residence being a eye surgeon ?.

The patient is ready to bear the extra costs viz travelling expenses, medical equipment transit, Residential House evaluation etc apart from the Cataract Laser Surgery cost.

If Answer is either Yes or No, Can u specify the reasons ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Generally the laser equipment is big, expensive and requires careful usage by trained technicians and is not suitable nor practical to take into a residential home.  

From an engineering perspective, it seems to be a very difficult accomplishment for a portable solution.  The product liabilities would be very serious matter to overcome, I think.

However, there are some small, high tech companies that have or are developing portable units for home/residential application.  I know not about their success.  Maybe you can investigate them to suit your own interest.

My quick look into one such company, LASIK@home, indicated that it may be a hoax and not a real product or service.  Here is the SNOPE comments about it:

Good Day.  

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