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Dear Prof Cleggsan


Other then Concentric circles, spheres. semi circles , which other circular shapes can be constructed concentric ?.

As a example - Concentric cone, Inverted Concentric cone, concentric parabola, concentric ellipse, concentric hyperbola etc ?.

Also can we also have concentric shapes for Lines shapes viz Kite, Trapezoid, Rhombus, Parallelogram etc

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Prashant S Akerkar

This is a question more for a math expert is it not?

I looked at a few google searches for you and found that their are many math models that provide for calculating and constructing geometric models of various concentric forms.  I did not take time to look for all of those you proposed; I will leave that for your exercise.  However, it seems to me, my opinion only, that you could construct a concentric version of almost any object once you can define its axis. I suppose you could generate some pretty exotic looking objects doing these various exercises!

In electrical engineering there are convolutions used in telecommunications that are centered on a frequency or other domain axis and then convolved around the center which produces spectrum which are very much like you are supposing.  These are mostly outgrowths of applications using the Maxwell equations for electrical and electromagnetic propagation and processing models.

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