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Coordinate Geometry Variation
Coordinate Geometry Va  
QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

As per the attached image, Will you consider this Coordinate Geometry
Variation as correct or incorrect ?.

The Four Quadrants Positions are changed along with the positive and negative numbers on the x and y axis.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: I don't understand the question. Is there a question?

One can define the coordinate system any way you want so long as it obeys a set of rules and you obey the rules consistently.

This is not, however, and electrical engineering question so I am not giving it full attention and suggest you pose it to someone in the math arena.

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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


The equations, Curves plotted
Using these coordinate geometry
Variation would be interesting?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant s Akerkar

You could plot it by altering the software to account for the shift in location and it would plot out the same as if the coordinates were correct.

But, if you plotted it out using those coordinates it would print a weird looking representation that may or may not be useful in any way.  I am not a mathematician so I will let you find the result of a plot from some one who can do it.

The Cartesian coordinate system is well developed and rules for this format are the basis of standard graphing and plotting.  Your proposed variant would need a new set of rules for plotting.

I googled but could not find any examples of variant coordinate systems. But I think MatLab software could be used to create a variant coordinate system.

Let me know what you find out from other experts on the subject.

PS: I found a discussion that deals with variant coordinate systems using "Igor" plotting system:  

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