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Electrical Engineering/Ship - Water Route travel from India to USA.


Dear Prof Cleggsan

If we study the world map, could there be a Ship - Water Route travel from India - Asian region to USA - North America region ?.

In case yes, How many days will be taken if one travels by Ship cruise one way from India to USA ?.

In case yes, what will be the route ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

This is an electrical engineering forum; not a travel agent for the cruise industry!

Please direct your question to a knowledgeable travel agent or agency who can look up the various ship lines and itineraries for such travel.

Be prepared to give city locations as Mumbai to Los Angeles is a totally different solution than Visakhapatnam to New York City.

Good Luck.

PS: Here is a chart that may help you in your thinking.  

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