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QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan

Are there duplicate key making machines available in market?.


ANSWER: Yes, key duplication machines are everywhere here in the USA and as near as I know they are everywhere also in European countries.  Also, they are present in Japan.

Mostly they are found in hardware and supply stores as well as many department and specialty stores.

In the Walmart department store chain stores they now have in the front lobby an automatic machine which allows the customer to insert the key to be duplicated in a slot where the machine optically identifies the blank to use, puts it in place and grinds the key profile automatically and sends the old key and the new key back out the tray to the customer.  It has a window so that the customer can see the entire process take place. Payment is made by credit card.

Also, Lowes home products store now has an auto duplicating machine, self service in their stores, too.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Prof Cleggsan


1 Do you feel that this could be a good Business product line startup for a manufacturing co?.

2 The duplicate key making machines available support all types of key materials viz Steel, Aluminium, Plastic, Wood, iron etc?.


ONE: Starting up a key duplication machine manufacturing business is very risky. It is an old business and is now occupied by those with years of experience and know the markets very well.  Start up firm would need to have many experienced people and good ideas and be able to survive for long time until business is well developed and market trusts a new company.

TWO: Keys that dominate the market are metal such as steel, aluminum and certain alloy materials.  Some newer keys are made of plastic material but wood is not done by machine; I think it is mostly a hand made operation.

That is my opinion.  

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